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Save the Date OCTOBER 9th and RSVP <3 October 3, 2010

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“Love is a Special Way of Feeling”


Opening Reception Saturday October 9th 2010 7-11pm



“THE NEW BLACK, A Journey Into The Pink” New Paintings by DAVE FOX September 8, 2010

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THE NEW BLACK, a Journey into the Pink



“THE NEW BLACK, a Journey into the Pink” is the latest collection of works by Philadelphia artist, Dave Fox. On his most recent adventure in the visual arts, Fox pushes the limits of optical stimulation through the exploitation of colors and characters, of which most would never dare imagine. He takes us on a trip around the world, through time and space, from the bottom to the top, and back again, relentlessly breaking new bounds with old cliches. Through the latest technological advances in the use of flourescence discovered by Fox, he is able to bring new enlightenment to a dark world by taking the viewer out of the black and into the PINK…

Artist Bio | DAVE FOX

Somewhere around 1994-’95 after spending four years earning a bachelor of arts degree at one of any faceless universities, and then realizing that what he was seeking couldn’t be achieved through an institute of higher learning, Dave Fox took it upon himself to pursue the craft of tattooing. Already a quite un-accomplished painter, Fox realized he had to work relentlessly sketching, drawing, painting, and studying this permanently life-changing art form to achieve true reward in his newly chosen vocation. And years later, after losing lots of hair and going completely grey, someone seemed to care…

Drawing from the influences of heavy metal album artwork and very, very funny cartoons, Dave Fox creates an eclectic, contently-confused mix of scary monsters, pretty girls, twisted flowers, and disturbed animals that have been known to send the viewer home laughing or leaving cross-eyed with a feeling of pure meaninglessness. His artwork takes you on a journey through the depths of your psyche, bringing out the good times and the bad, the peaceful times and the horrid, and, most of all, the dumbest things you’ve ever done. But it’s all in good fun.

Aside from making art, Dave Fox likes to play guitar. If you lived next door to him, you might find yourself being woken up at 1am, two or three nights a week, to the sound of pointless, going-nowhere, self-indulgent 80’s metal style guitar solos. Feel lucky you don’t. He also enjoys snowboarding and bike riding, but doesn’t get RAD like he did when he was a kid. If he’s not amidst one of the aforementioned life changing events, chances are he’s hanging out with his cats, friends, and family.

Visit Dave’s website at www.evilballs.com and let the good times roll.

Opening Reception Photos from “PLANCHETTE” August 20, 2010

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Click on the photo to see the rest of images! ❤ Thanks to all that came out! xoxox

TOMORROW {Sat} NIGHT! <3 Forever Two Wheels <3 May 7, 2010

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a few photos from Steve Cleff’s opening! April 11, 2010

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Click on the photo below which will lead you to more photos! xoxoxo

SAVE THE DATE APRIL 10th!! March 20, 2010

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S A V E       T H E       D A T E!
Fluid Beauty: Reflections and Expressions | Steve Cleff | Solo Exhibit
Opening Reception Saturday April 10th 2010
Amberella Gallery
@ the piazza
1050 N Hancock St #62
Philadelphia PA 19123

Steve Cleff | Artist’s Statement
My work is about the fluid beauty of the balance between chaos and order, of the transition from thought to reality, of seeing things in a new light.

The show is comprised of two series of paintings and a collection of various pieces…
Reflections |this series is inspired by the album Lateralus, by the band Tool, as well as the influences on that album of alchemy, philosophy, and personal evolution. It’s about looking inward to connect with oneself – to be able to connect to the outer world.

Expressions |this series is a response to reading John Berger’s “Ways of Seeing” in art school. Berger states that the “ideal” spectator is always assumed to be male and the image of the woman is designed to flatter him. I never liked that idea. This is my attempt at making paintings about who women are. These images are meant not to be literal portraits of the models, but elemental ideas representing the ethereal inner beauty of confident, feminine women. The work exists to create an experience where the women who view my art recognize their own innate strength and beauty in what they see.

Steve Cleff | Artist’s Bio
Steve Cleff was born in Philly and loves it so much he moved back after he and his wife Tricia lived in paradise (aka Hawaii). Steve has a BFA from Syracuse and synesthesia which means he sees color when he hears sounds. He co-directs the Philly branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-art School with Tricia and Steve looks forward to teaching their young son Patrick how to draw outside the lines

Contact | Amber Lynn | Missamberella@gmail.com |