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PHOTOS from My Humps opening ! xo March 19, 2010

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Here are a few photos from Artist Heather Jo Wingate’s opening reception for her solo show “My Humps”!

above | artist heather jo | she’s pretty amazing. ❤


THIS SATURDAY MARCH 13th opening reception! March 8, 2010

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“My Humps”  | A solo exhibit by artist Heather Jo Wingate


Artist Statement | Heather Jo Wingate

I’ve always been interested in seduction.  It isn’t just the straight-forward sexual or physical seduction, but the kind of seduction that makes you question what you want and why you do things.  I like the way a picture can seduce a viewer, the way water seduces the paint and the way I’m seduced by color.

In these paintings, I’ve clearly been seduced by flesh.  I like the color of flesh.  I love to paint flesh.  It’s a challenge to try to interpret the softness of the skin or the plasticity of the forms with a medium like watercolor.  The water wants to do its own thing and I like that.  I don’t fight with the watercolor and try to control it too much.  I respect its rebellious nature.

I never question my instincts until after a painting is started.  So what if I want to paint barbie legs or a hot pink bra or a man’s bulge or a naked woman?  I don’t care.  I paint what I’m attracted to.  I paint what I’m obsessed with. If I’m honest in my painting, then the work will always be a reflection of myself.  The work will have continuity.

Heather Jo Wingate | Biography

Born in 1981 in suburban Philadelphia, Heather Jo Wingate studied painting at The University of the Arts after suffering through a very stifling experience at a local Catholic High School.  At the University of the Arts, Heather Jo was awarded the Larry Day Memorial award and the Philadelphia Watercolor Society award to a promising young artist.  She has a BFA in Drawing and an MA in some other shit.  Heather Jo has been exhibiting her work since 2001 at local galleries, boutiques and cafes like the Padlock Gallery, The Blackfloor Gallery, Chapterhouse Cafe and now Amberella.  Heather Jo works in Arts Administration and she designs jewelry and underwear.  In her free time, Heather Jo likes to plant things, travel, and watch jeopardy.  She has a really old cat, a really hot husband, and an awesome family- all of which have been a great inspiration to her.

SAVE THE DATE! Sat MARCH 13th! March 5, 2010

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I am so thrilled that artist heather jo wingate is having a solo exhibit at amberella!  She is sharing her HUMPS with the world… as she presents a new body of work.  I am convinced that Heather Jo is a master of watercolor.  EEEEEEEEEEP!! I am so excited,… I mean yeah, she has been my BFF since the 80’s or 90’s … uhhhh. how old are we? I forget,..but she’s one of my true loves in life and just so happens to be an incredible artist.  So yeah. SAVE THE DATE!  Her opening reception is next SATURDAY MARCH 13th from 7-11pm!

…formal press release to come 🙂

xoxoxo amber lynn !