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Katherine Allan’s show “Love is a Special Way of Feeling” has been extended! SHOP ONLINE! November 11, 2010

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Artist Katherine Allan’s Show “Love is a Special Way of Feeling” has been extended  through Tuesday November 30th!  All work is available to view and purchase online ❤

“You’ve Had Your Fill of Me” CLICK image to PURCHASE

“I lost Everything and I Feel Better For it”  CLICK image to PURCHASE

Please support local artists and help sustain the gallery by purchasing work! xoxox

“Just Wait Until You Find Love Then Everything Will Be Different”  CLICK image to PURCHASE

Amberella Gallery


1050 N Hancock St Suite #62 Philadelphia PA 19123



Katherine Allan’s WORKS FOR PURCHASE ONLINE now! October 11, 2010

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To purchase contact amber lynn at Missamberella@gmail.com
Shipping Available
Cash, mastercard, visa, and paypal accepted


Art O the Day … piece from current show “THE NEW BLACK, A Journey Into the Pink” by Dave Fox September 17, 2010

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“PINKZILLA, OH NO!!”, Acrylic on Canvas, 24×48, SOLD, Artist Dave Fox

Other works for purchase … CLICK HERE

To Purchase Contact : Missamberella@gmail.com

Visa Mastercard and Paypal Accepted…. Shipping available!! xoxoxoox

“THE NEW BLACK, A Journey Into The Pink” New Paintings by DAVE FOX September 8, 2010

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THE NEW BLACK, a Journey into the Pink



“THE NEW BLACK, a Journey into the Pink” is the latest collection of works by Philadelphia artist, Dave Fox. On his most recent adventure in the visual arts, Fox pushes the limits of optical stimulation through the exploitation of colors and characters, of which most would never dare imagine. He takes us on a trip around the world, through time and space, from the bottom to the top, and back again, relentlessly breaking new bounds with old cliches. Through the latest technological advances in the use of flourescence discovered by Fox, he is able to bring new enlightenment to a dark world by taking the viewer out of the black and into the PINK…

Artist Bio | DAVE FOX

Somewhere around 1994-’95 after spending four years earning a bachelor of arts degree at one of any faceless universities, and then realizing that what he was seeking couldn’t be achieved through an institute of higher learning, Dave Fox took it upon himself to pursue the craft of tattooing. Already a quite un-accomplished painter, Fox realized he had to work relentlessly sketching, drawing, painting, and studying this permanently life-changing art form to achieve true reward in his newly chosen vocation. And years later, after losing lots of hair and going completely grey, someone seemed to care…

Drawing from the influences of heavy metal album artwork and very, very funny cartoons, Dave Fox creates an eclectic, contently-confused mix of scary monsters, pretty girls, twisted flowers, and disturbed animals that have been known to send the viewer home laughing or leaving cross-eyed with a feeling of pure meaninglessness. His artwork takes you on a journey through the depths of your psyche, bringing out the good times and the bad, the peaceful times and the horrid, and, most of all, the dumbest things you’ve ever done. But it’s all in good fun.

Aside from making art, Dave Fox likes to play guitar. If you lived next door to him, you might find yourself being woken up at 1am, two or three nights a week, to the sound of pointless, going-nowhere, self-indulgent 80’s metal style guitar solos. Feel lucky you don’t. He also enjoys snowboarding and bike riding, but doesn’t get RAD like he did when he was a kid. If he’s not amidst one of the aforementioned life changing events, chances are he’s hanging out with his cats, friends, and family.

Visit Dave’s website at www.evilballs.com and let the good times roll.

Photos of artist D. Miller Weeks doing Mad Decent Wall July 28, 2010

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Photos of artist D. Miller Weeks doing a mural for the upcoming Mad Decent Block Party this upcoming weekend.  Dave currently has a solo show, “I’m Such A Character”, up at the gallery until August 11th.  Stop by and check it out!  Please show your support! xox

“I’m Such A Character” for purchase online <3 July 21, 2010

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Click HERE to shop the current Solo Exhibit, “I’m Such A Character”  by D. Miller Weeks!

Forever And Always, The End

father’s day is tomorrow! here is a great gift idea! :) June 19, 2010

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Does your pop have a green thumb?

If so, …. get him a Terrarium at Amberella Gallery and Boutique! Something that’s simple to care for and lasts year round… and well… if given TLC … forever!

Created by the infamous Mama Jude… (my mom). Yeah, she’s pretty spectacular!

If interested in coming in to check out the Terrariums,…. there are over a dozen !  Each one different!…  Stop by until 10pm tonight or tomorrow (Sun) from 2-8pm.  If you need to swing in at a specific time feel free to text 610.283.5669

I’d be more than happy to come meet you! xox

Photos from Forever Two Wheels opening reception! May 22, 2010

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Click HERE to see more photos from the opening reception of “Forever Two Wheels”

Photos from Deck Heads and Decks that are still available! May 16, 2010

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Here are some photos from the Deck Heads Show at Exit Skate shop that Amberella Gallery got to participate in!

Click HERE to see more photos!

See name of Artist, Title of Deck, and Price Below 🙂

TOP ROW: From left to right

Artist Bill Sands| Beautiful Old San Juan | $100

Artist Katherine Allan | Travelin Light | $375

Artist Kris Chau | Barbara Gordon | $250

Artist Eugene Ewing | Moist William | $250

BOTTOM ROW: From Left to Right

Artist Heather Jo Wingate | Doreen’s Closet | SOLD

Artist J.L. Schnabel | Hibernation | $250

Artist Dave Fox | Patience Wins | $450

Artist Stephanie Kao | Maneki Mary |$225


Mark McQuilling | Rest Less | SOLD

ON THE FLOOR {not shown}

Artist Adam Wallacavage | Super Happy Starfish Playland | SOLD

liz <3 May 16, 2010

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Humidity is VERY BAD for cotton candy !!! booooooo!!!

This is my friend Liz. She is awesomeness x’s the bazillionth power. I met her this past year and she is such a dear! (LOL) No really.  She makes me laugh every time I see her.  She is so clever and witty it is insane.  I am so thankful to her as she holds down the amberella fort every tuesday and thursday.  If you are ever around no libs on one of those days… you should stop in and met Liz.  Just saying. 🙂

Liz rocking out the cotton candy machine at amberella ❤ xoxoxox