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Photo by Dawn Walsh | http://www.dawnwalsh.com

Established in May 2009, Amberella Sugary & Sweet Gallery and Boutique was born out of Amber Lynn’s desire to sprinkle fairy dust, cotton candy and glittering jewels through dramatic and ultra feminine monthly art shows.

The gallery serves to expose local, upcoming artists as well as established and emerging artists from across the country.

Committed to showing work that challenges and illuminates the notions of womanhood vs. girlhood and modern fairytales, the gallery serves as a space for exploration and delight.

The owner can often be found singing songs from Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ as she hand rolls ghostly cotton candy that resembles the delicate pink wigs of old ladies.

C.E.O. Miss Pinky Polka Dots, Amber’s cute as a button Boston Terrier is always underfoot with a silky bow tied around her neck.

Always available are the newest jewelry collections by L.A designer Tarina Tarantino, Queen Anne’s Lace Handbags, and Blood Milk Jewelry!

CEO | Miss Pinky Polka Dots

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