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An Exhibition by Stephanie Kao & Travis Heck
February 13th through March 9th 2010

Opening Reception:
Saturday February 13th 2010

Stephanie Kao | Artist Statement
Each of my drawings offers a suspended glimpse into a flamboyant and mildly disturbed playground that I have erected. Strange, enigmatic characters invite you to partake in their uncertain adventures of youth, indulgence, and oddity… ones that you may very well later regret. These characters are offshoots of me; they are the only grandchildren I am prepared to give to my expectant mother.

Travis Heck| Artist Statement
When I was young and bored with no license, I would amuse myself by concocting ways to distress my mother. This intuitive impulse to upset her with motorcycles, sophomoric late nights, and inappropriate girlfriends has extended into my work. This is to say, I enjoy exploring subject matter my peers have slowly and lovingly explained to me is crass.
My paintings are infused with irresponsible materiality, quasi-psychedelic color, and directional light. Fields of color and bulging vertical pyramids recur in each painting. They allude to a history or a story that exists not only in the making of each painting, but by understanding that each experience is unique and meaningful. My paintings are painted over, covered with collage, and reduced to a blank, unapologetic surface before I can make sense of each experience. I liberate myself from the hegemony of rules in painting by allowing a personal, spiritual, and witty take on the anonymity of geometrical forms.

Stephanie Kao | Artist Biography
Stephanie Kao is a Philadelphia native and self-taught illustrator. She receieved her BA in Advertising from Temple University and is now a second year fashion student at the Moore College of Art and Design. Stephanie freelances as a calligrapher, henna artist, and events photographer; she is also collaborating on a line of handmade decorative porcelain ware with ceramicist Robert Siegel.

Travis Heck | Artist Biography
Travis Heck received his BFA in Painting and Sculpture from Miami University in 2005 and his MFA in Painting from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008.




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