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<3 "Laser Mo"… Morgan Martinson… Fascination<3 December 9, 2009

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Little peek of the "Laser Mo Show"

I am super fascinated with artist Morgan Martinson right now.  Her current show, “Laser Mo Show”, is gracing Amberella Gallery until December 29th.  The response to her work has been incredible and it is all now for sale online!  The fact that LASERS are involved in her process drives my me wild!   The pieces are acrylic on canvas which she then removes layers of paint with a LASER.  So is she “de painting”??? … oooooo .. did I make a word up?!  Not positive if that is the most appropriate way to describe it but I enjoy the fact that I have never witnessed the actual process… this leaves my mind to envision all kinds of crazy scenarios.  I imagine brightly colored  power puff girl laser contraptions that are the size of skyscrapers and Morgan having some sort of super galactic powers that make her strong enough to control the machines.   Come in and check out the show or take a peek online!

"Laser Mo Show" Opening



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