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sighn “ITS OK” October 16, 2009

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“ITS OK” Pink Series were made EXCLUSIVELY for Amberella!

The artist, Sighn hand cut these out of solid wood (no plywood or particle board).

Each is painted and the edition number can be found on the back!

These pieces are part of a “Limited” Edition of 1,000,000!

More info here:



“Sighn is by far the most sweat producing & laborious member of Multi Polar Projects. Keeping a low profile, and his nose to the grindstone, you will never find his hands free of sawdust.

Nostalgia is possibly the one word adjective to best describe Sighn’s work. This concept pours through the phrases he writes, both in the gallery and on the street. He shares his deep emotions in an ambiguous fashion, for others to use as a jumping block, to reminisce on their own memories.

His life’s focus is on a potentially impossible feat, a hand cut ‘limited’ edition of 1 million. A John Henry vs. The Machine type quest. The end result of this 50 year venture will result in a piece entitled: one million times it’s ok. While this obviously consumes most of his time, he is still able to research and study his passion of handmade typography. The only downside to all of this? Most articles normally close out with: it’ll take a lifetime, but that’s okay.”



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